Position Tracker

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Display the menu window for current vessel data.
Display the options for filtering historic data.
Display the list of vessels and viewing options.
Log the user out of the tool.
Current Tab
Showed when loading new data.
Showed when tool is updating the data in real time. Click to pause.
Showed when the tool is in history data display or updating of real time data is stopped. Click to refresh data and start real time updating.
Vessel List Tab
Checkbox for selecting vessel visibility.
Change the vessel path color.
Show the data table for the vessel.
Focus the map on the vessel.
Map Icons
Vessel latest position.
Position report
Event with positioning.
Event without positioning.
Data Table Window
Export vessel data to spreadsheet.
Close data table window.
Click to update data table when blinking.
TimeLatitudeLongitudeTypeEvent/DAS Code
Select for setting Parameter Minutes

It consists of vertex position points, its index and reporting interval. The format is index;interval;points. The vertex points are a list of positions separated by “;” and the latitude and longitude for a point are separated by a space " ". The interval is in periods of 5 minutes then for example for 15 minutes interval inside the geo-boundaty a value of 3 is entered. If the interval value entered is "*"" then the default defined geo-boundary of 15 minutes reporting interval is used. If the zone reporting interval is zero it will work the same as every 5 minutes. As an example, the following geo-boundary will be using the index 1 and reporting every 10 minutes 1;2;43.3456 -72.4321;43.3456 72.4520;42.001 -72.4630;43.3456 -72.4520;43.2456 -72.4520;43.3456 -72.4321;

Sending OTA command